90 minutes, plus a lot of extra time...

OCC Meet 24/11/18 @ Sitar 🎸 on Temple Bar Street Dublin 🇨🇮 with All the committed members.

The OCC travelled from London (England) to Dublin (Ireland) to find a potential CHOTY

The OCC arrived at Sitar where we were welcomed and shown to our table for 7 which must of been for Snow White and her 7 dwarfs... cosy was an understatement.

If you’re thirsty this isn’t the place to come... and if you’re not thirsty this isn’t the place to come either .... 15 minutes of being seated, we the OCC had to ask for a round of 🐍’s... due to the lack of quality service and the 2 hour plus wait for our mains (not swaying) we the OCC were given a free round of beers... NOTE that not one sip was taken... an insult to the OCC it felt.

Sitar finds itself on the famous Temple Bar Street in Dublin AKA as The land of the leprechaun 🍀 . Temple Bar Street is famous for its bars, restaurants and night life, and now there was an opportunity for the street to be made famous by the OCC - Sitar, some might say you failed.

As the quarter sized poppadoms and all the sauces arrived the meet was in full swing. All the starters arrived where the OCC got to sample array of what Sitar 🎸 had to offer. To be fair nicely presented, and some good tasting starters... the OCC was hungry and raring to see if the mains would compete.

A full 90 minute match later with extra time being played, the mains finally arrived. Other curry lovers did not seem to have the same problem as the OCC it must be added. Once the mains arrived they did well to compete with the starters that tickled the taste buds in areas.

No matter how the sauces were being rated for their tastiness, or how succulent the meat may or may not of been... the delay in serving our mains had potentially effected the OCC. What was a real shame is that the staff did not seem to care how hungry we were... or in-fact care that we existed

The evening finally drew to an end at 10pm... table was booked and the OCC was seated at 6.30pm - all the delays.

Total Price €322 meaning €46 per person between 7.

Customer Care 3.57 Service 3.36 Value 5.43 Quality 6.29 Atmosphere 5.93

Total Score 4.93

HLP Grovesy


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