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Let's be 'aving you Delhi Club fans...

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is one of the worlds most respected reviewers of Indian cuisine. With multiple international franchises, we relentlessly scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest poppadoms, the tastiest curries, and the spiciest sauces. On 31 October 2015, our meeting was scheduled in the Delhi Club- in the heart of Chungking mansions. They stayed open late especially for us due to one members late arrival from Shanghai. Unlike some other reviewers, we did not find the restaurant difficult to find- there was a very helpful man standing outside with an OCC sign who very helpfully showed us to its location. Members of the occ independently and anonymously vote on 5 categories, and an average score is awarded to the restaurant. Quality: 7.9 Value: 9.1 Service: 8.4 Customer Care: 9.1 Atmosphere: 6.25 Overall: 8.18 Please don't be fooled by the slightly lower score of the atmosphere. Being the only people in the restaurant at midnight due to the special opening arrangement made this difficult to score. We were so thankful for their efforts! We could tell that a lively atmosphere normally existed by the energy coming off the groups who were leaving whilst we were entering. The occ found the Delhi Club to be a wonderful place. The hospitality was outstanding and the meal delicious. It is a strong contender for our CHOTY.

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