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Big trouble in Little India

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) UK branch decided to venture off the beaten track in June and hold their monthly meet on the Thorney Toll Road at Little India: Customer Care: 7.23 Service: 7.05 Value: 7.59 Quality: 6.09 Atmosphere: 6.18 Total Score: 6.83 It’s easy to expect the highest quality curry establishments to be situated in the most desirable, expensive and accessible locations. Little India have chosen to go against the grain and attempt to convince people that they should make the effort to go out of their way to visit. It asks quite a lot of Peterborough based customers, Travelling over 10 miles from the city to a tacky old fashioned building on the side of a main road, so they had best get it right! I can only imagine they sacrifice a lot of profit on drinks due to all the Desmonds... We enjoyed the company of two new curry lovers on this evening which had not happened for some time, Jay (Previous HK Vice Chairman) and Giddings (New applicant). It was refreshing to have some new faces and new banter around the table and they certainly did not let the OCC down with their speeches. It would later be passed that Giddings become a fully-fledged member of the OCC, and Jay (Now Honorary Life President, HLP) would obviously be welcome to join whenever he was able to make it. As we all settled down to tuck into some popadoms, it was noticeable that we were by far and away the life and soul of the restaurant, with us placed right in the centre, and not many tables filled around the outside. The fact that some of us were half-cut (Bolly… Jack…) whilst debating the agenda lifted the decibel level to an echelon never witnessed before on the Thorney Toll. In terms of the meal, everything was completely in order. It’s difficult to say anything negative about the experience we had, but it’s also difficult to pinpoint anything that made this stand out from the rest. We’d heard about this place through word-of-mouth, which is usually a good sign for a restaurant in these parts of the country, but unfortunately, it probably didn’t quite live up to expectations. The staff were friendly, there was plenty of space and a high ceiling so that diners didn’t feel cramped. It was reasonably priced and plenty of room for parking for those that had to drive. But it just wasn’t…. memorable! (Although you could put that down to the G&Ts) We wouldn’t want to put anyone off going to Little India, but also feel people may come away feeling a lot more positive by taking advantage of the £12 set menu offer every week from Sunday-Thursday (challenged only by the deals available on the legendary brick lane). So definitely check this place out if you’re feeling a little lazy to cook, and fancy a cheeky midweek night out. Oh… but don’t order the Omelette.

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