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Deep-ing the heart of the fens

A wonderful Thursday evening in the charming country village of Deeping was the setting for our August meet…wait a minute…. Did someone say Thursday?! The OCC members were clearly in a state of confusion that the meeting was not taking place during it’s usual Friday slot. This shift was generously made in order to allow the Chairman of our Hong Kong branch to attend and present their first annual report. Maharanis family run restaurant provided a calming setting for our summer meeting, overlooking the conservation area in the heart of Deeping St. James. We were pleasantly welcomed and sat on a long table conveniently located near to the bar which ensured that the ice-cold Kingfisher beers were swiftly served to those who could drink them. Additionally, the mixed fruit squash was swiftly served to all those members who were still confused that they had to work the next day. The standard of the poppadoms was mixed – and this is reflected in our Top of the Pops review. Some experienced fine, crispy poppadoms, whilst others observed that they had perhaps been left out a little too long, lacking the ‘crunch’ that we poppadom preachers love so much. The chutney was good, the lime pickle was zesty and the onions and mint yogurt ensured that any tongues burning from chili fines were neutralised swiftly. Then it was time for the starters, which again polarized opinion. 80% of the group remarked that the starters were among the finest that they had ever tasted in an Indian restaurant. The Kebab Puree and the chef recommended Kofta Kebab were juicy and succulent, and left us crying out for more. However the Samosa dish was more of the ‘party pack’ standard, and not of the home cooked quality that we would expect from a family run business. The menu was extensive. There was a large selection curries which you would expect to find in any fine Indian establishment, including a wide range of chef specials. Tandoori meat and fish were all tantalizingly tempting, as was the wide ranging options of vegetables. In keeping with our overall experience, the mains were mixed. The vast majority of mains were reported to be a triumph! A couple of dishes however were too mild for our liking. The theme continued with the customer service. Swift and efficient. Attentive. Personable. Friendly, warm and welcoming. A complimentary “hot” dish – to tease our senses and singe our taste buds. Chocolates AND Mints. But then the small things which make a differnce – Menu’s coming out after we were asked if we were ready to order, and the wrong rice being served. All in all, the experience was very good. This is a great restaurant, serving good food. This reviewer's recommendation would be to stremaline their menu and perfect the experience for their guests. Keep the 80% of dishes which are spectacular – and ditch the average ones. Then this restaurant would move from being a great restaurant, to an exceptional one. Customer Care: 7.5 Service: 7.2 Value: 6.6 Quality: 8.6 Atmosphere: 7.6 Total Score: 7.49

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