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Mirror mirror on the wall, is Delhi Brasserie the fairest of them all?

As the Oakham Curry Club made their way down Frith Street to the illustrious Delhi Brasserie, the butterflies then became apparent as we could see the lovely decor and flower arrangement hanging from the wall outside...

The Oakham Curry Club was amazed with the private dining room that we were given by the Delhi Brasserie ... we really felt like a Z-list celeb or even like Lenny Henry who, through the grape vine, we also heard had attended this establishment.

Dependent on whether you're vain or self conscious, the mirrors in the private room can be quite daunting, but this didn't effect us (me) as I quite enjoyed looking at myself whilst tucking into a tender chicken danzak.

It was clear to see how much the Delhi Brasserie wanted to impress their public with the cute green waistcoats and smart black dickie bow ties. First impressions go a long way, and it was clear to see they were dressed to impress.

The staff, it must be said, were very attentive to our needs, even when we didn't want them. A record was set as we were asked by 4 different waiters "are you ok" in the space of 1 minute and 27 seconds.

The staff were very patient with the OCC as it was known that one member of our committee was very emotional and extremely loud... but as true professionals the Delhi Brasserie staff did not comment nor did it phase their good service #notswaying.

To the menu - it must be said that the table was slightly taken back when we saw quail on the menu ... but seeing this was soon put to the back of the OCC's minds as at least 3 quails were ordered along with a good amount of poppadoms with ALL the sauces.

A varied food selection arrived as all 9 members chose an array of choices which gave the Delhi Brasserie an overall rating of 7.44/10 for the whole experience that we received. It must be noted that this place could get arrested for having the hottest chilli's that have ever been tasted in the UK (some say).

We are the OCC - who go around the world visiting the finest curry establishments to give our views and opinions. Without swaying the Delhi Brasserie is definitely worth a visit.

Delhi Brasserie - you have done yourselves proud, Lenny Henry proud and your public proud. Thank you and thank you Muku - a very honest man who is passionate and loyal.

Scott Mills & OCC Chairman


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