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Mumbai - The city of (Bombay) Dreams

The world renowned Oakham Curry Club (OCC) ventured to Bombay Dreams for the first ever brunch 'meet' in its history on Saturday 21st January 2017 and it proved to be a perfect setting for such a special occasion. The open buffet from 12pm to 2:30pm is excellent value on price and extremely flavorsome. There is a vast array of sauces to enjoy with your poppadoms and as well know, its all about the sauces. There are also various juicy starters including our favorites of Chicken Tikka and Samosas. There is a strong choice of curry for the mains and fresh piping hot naan are brought to the table. The staff also brought a vindaloo to the table for us which was very generous and appreciated. Speaking of the staff, their service was excellent and very accommodating. They couldn't do enough for us and were always on hand to help. So much so that we agreed a special free flow package on the delicious Kingfisher beer which went down a treat. All in all Bombay Dreams had had great flavor, great staff and a very nice atmosphere as it was virtually full to the rafters with fellow curry lovers. This high quality is reflected in the OCC scores as voted by the members after the meet: Quality - 8.0 Service - 8.7 Value - 8.3 Customer Care - 8.7 Atmosphere - 7.5 This gave a total score of 8.23 and is the second highest ever score in the history of the OCC Hong Kong Branch which is extremely impressive. It also moves Bombay Dreams into the lead for the 2016-2017 CHOTY (Curry House of The Year). Thank you to all the staff at Bombay Dreams for an excellent meet.

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