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The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) UK branch go far and wide around Oakham and it's surrounding area to ensure we find the best curry establishments available for the people we hold most dear to our hearts, our fans. So it's unsurprising to hear that for this meet, like always, there were no complaints from the members when we ventured forth to Ely to try Sylhet's curry cuisine. A joy for all was that this weekend was the birth date of our founding farther, former UK Chairman, Eddie. A merry birthday he had and this meal was definitely a part of it. A fine establishment in terms of interior, this is a place located in the upper-echelon when it comes to physical appearance of venues so far visited by the UK branch. A place you'd be happy to take your mother in law if you will. The food itself wasn't surprising to us as our research showed this place to be the 4th best curry house in the Cambridgeshire area (TripAdvisor et al; 2017) and we must agree to the validity of this reputation. What was surprising to us however was the unique dishes bespoke to Sylhet which were on offer. Some attending members of the OCC took it upon themselves to try these and were thoroughly impressed. In terms of ambience, we were placed in the corner due to there being so many of us, which meant we were slightly out of it, and timings could of been a bit quicker too, however with its busyness it was understandable.

The OCC are proud to give Sylhet a score of:

7.5 for customer care,

7.28 for service,

6.61 for value,

7.5 for quality and

6.56 for atmosphere,

...equating to an overall total of 7.09. If you are in the Ely area we would say go for it. The night ended with drinks in Cambridge. Great fun.

Long live the OCC!

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