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If you can't stand the heat...

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is a well respected Institution with multiple international franchises (

The OCC takes pride in searching out the finest Indian Restaurants, and providing an impartial review of Curry Houses all over the world.

Members vote anonymously on 5 categories - and an average score is given to each restaurant we review.

It was the honour of Nepali kitchen to host the first OCC meet in Shanghai. As an international curry club with 3 franchises it was clear that the standards of Nepali kitchen would have to be high.

As such though the OCC felt that Nepali was a solid Indian restaurant it lacked the extra qualities that the OCC strives for.

Our scores out of 10

Quality 6.9

Service 7.3

Value 6.1

Customer Care 6.6

Atmosphere 7.1

Overall score 6.8

As stated on their website the service was quick and efficient though perhaps lacking in the extra effort to really make a group feel welcome. Perhaps this is partly down to the clear success of the restaurant as it had a steady flow of customers through the evening. Thus the atmosphere was at a good level and what you would expect from a shanghai restaurant on a Friday evening.

In true Asia style a variety of dishes were ordered to share giving the OCC a full range to sample the qualities of Nepali Kitchen. Once again the food was to a decent level though their spicy dishes lacked that extra taste to tell them apart. The OCC were also keen to taste their cheese balls and though not a standard Indian dish the shared platter certainly delivered.

Value wise most of the group were satisfied as the cost was reasonable though the hungrier members of group did feel that the portions were on the small size.

To sum up the OCC feel that Nepali is a good Indian restaurant but lacks some of the extra qualities that our members have experienced from top establishments in other cities.

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