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We fought Lahore and the...curry won...

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is a well respected international Institution with multiple franchises.

The OCC takes great pride in searching out the finest Indian restaurants to provide a solely independent review of each establishment, whether in the UK, Honk Kong or China.

Recently the UK branch visited Lahore restaurant located on Peterborough's very well loved Lincoln Road. Lahore is particularly well known on the local takeaway scene for its excellent food, therefore it was surely time that the OCC sampled its cuisine at their quaint restaurant.

The following are the mean average scores from members attending based on the now trusted OCC marking system (all marks out of 10):

• Quality - 6.6 • Service - 3.7 • Value - 8.2 • Customer care - 4.9 • Atmosphere - 6.2

The OCC enjoyed their visit to Lahore, and found it to be a very hospitable venue indeed, allowing for our selected music to be played out was a notable highlight. The value of the food was extremely high, helped by the bring your own (alcohol) policy which Lahore have.

The downside to our dinning experience was the time taken for the food to appear after ordering (approx 1hour) along with a single incorrect order. This was seen in the unusual low service mark given. This is most likely due to the size of our table (12 covers) and the high volumes of takeaway order that the venue receives. As some members of the OCC have dinned at Lahore before with no issues, it is believed that this was a one off.

With that said the OCC would recommend Lahore and will surely return.


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