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Indi-an (heart of the) City

We the OCC were greeted at the door and seated in very quick time. Indian City from the outside looked like a very small establishment but as we walked in we instantly noticed that the place had a vibrant atmosphere where it was welcoming and made you feel comfortable. It reminded me of a tardis, small from the outside but when inside opened out into a quite magnificent venue.

The waiter was very quick to ask us for our drinks and if we required poppadoms, where we of course asked for 'all the sauces'. The Poppadoms were warm and crisp with a fine selection of 4 sauces.

The impressive menu had a fine selection of starters to choose from including a mixed starter for 2. This was presented on a lovely plate and the food didn't disappoint; a nice blend of different meats cooked to perfection which weren't too filling and left you in anticipation of what was yet to come.

For the mains there was a fine selection of chef specials along with the regular choices at most curry houses. I personally had decided before seeing the menu that I would have a chicken Tikka madras , but then was left torn between this dish and a chef special. I was very happy when another member of the OCC spotted this special, which was a spicy mixed meat massala and offered to share it with my curry. Both had a wonderful selection of flavours and spice which left us most satisfied. The sag paneer was creamy and delicious and the naan bread was great and not too doughy.

The service was very quick and efficient. Drinks often bought to the table in quick time and all in all our meal lasted just under 2 hours, which for a large group of 8 is a credit to Indian City.

The atmosphere was great and most diners looked like they were all enjoying a similar experience to ourselves. We found the value of this place fairly expensive - but this could be down to the fact we were drinking a fair amount of alcohol, which could go some way to explain the £55 a head.

Even though maybe a tad on the expensive side, I would highly recommend this fine establishment and would definitely go again.


Customer Care - 7.79

Service - 8.25

Value - 6.81

Quality - 7.98

Atmosphere - 8.19

Overall - 7.81/10

Eddie - Acting OCC chairman

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