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On Friday 30th June 2017 the Oakham Curry Club returned to Bombay Brassiere, but this time as an official meet. The first time we attended was in fact the birth of the OCC, so without Bombay there would be no OCC today.

The table was booked for 7:30 OST but some members were late due the road works in the city centre, all attending members were seated by approx. 8pm.

The restaurant had a good atmosphere due to it being at almost full capacity. We ordered drinks and when they arrived we also ordered the standard two poppadoms with ‘all the sauces’, but unfortunately some members only received one poppadom - which was a bad start to the evening.

The waiting staff were very prompt with taking the food order and displayed great knowledge of the menu when asked for recommendations.

Shortly after an hour the starters came, looking around the table it seemed that a wide variety of starters had been ordered, I had the mixed kebab and the meat was cooked to perfection with incredible flavour but the salad leaves a lot to be desired.

From starters to mains felt a bit too long - to the point one member was contemplating leaving before his mains had arrived, he set a deadline and to save embarrassment luckily the food arrived three minutes ahead of the deadline. As a large table the mains didn’t come all at once as you would expect; some had finished before others had even started. Where they lacked in timing they made up in quality. I ordered a keema chicken curry with a peshwari naan to accompany my main, I also ordered a special mixed rice to share and found the description very amusing...

‘basmati rice cooked with chicken, lamb, prawn, egg, mushrooms, etc’

...surely they have to be more precise than etc, just hope no one has an allergy to anything that falls under the category of etc.

The food was more than satisfactory, especially my peshwari naan - I would probably go as far as saying it’s the tastiest naan I’ve ever tasted (without swaying). My only other criticism would be that after we finished, only a few plates were cleared. It then seemed as though we were forgotten about for some time before the rest of the plates were cleared.

We had complimentary chocolates with the bill and then left the birthplace of the OCC.

The scores:

Quality: 6.7

Service: 4.2

Value: 4.2

Customer care: 5.0

Atmosphere: 7.9

Overall Score: 5.78

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