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3-Way at Gopals of Soho

OCC Meet 04/08/17 @ Gopals of Soho Feat. All the international members

The OCC arrived at the Gopals of Soho where we were not only welcomed by the kind faces and hospitality of Glen and the crew ... but with OCC banners/posters on display. With the hairs raised on the back of our necks, we soon got on with the evening formalities.

From start to finish Gopals of Soho continued to amaze the OCC from free shots, to a free personalised mug, to attention to detail of who the OCC actually are.

Gopals finds itself on the famous Bateman Street in Soho AKA as The land of the village people. Bateman street was once formally known as Queen Street until the year 1884. Going back to the 1760s this building was once a chapel and once used for a congregation of French Protestants.

As the popadoms (plain & spicy) and all the sauces arrived the meet was in full swing. All the starters arrived where the OCC got to sample array of what Gopals had to offer. Beautifully presented, and wonderfully tasting starters... the OCC was excited to see if the mains would compete.

Compete they did. The sauces being tasty, and yet a little spicy if that tickled your fancy (unless you were having a korma), the meat being succulent, the vegetables being veggie, and the rice being fluffy but firm. All was at a high level. A slight hiccup on delay of two of the mains, but surely this can be ignored with what Gopals has done for the OCC.

The evening drew to an end with all the meats, all the sauces, all the beers being consumed. But there was still time for the birthday /anniversary cake 🎂 for the OCC - as Glen and his So Saag Paneer Crew got the candles ready, the whole restaurant was in fine tune for the OCC.

Price per head £40 - total 15 persons in attendance

Customer Care 8.82 Service 8.06 Value 7.18 Quality 7.57 Atmosphere 7.80

Total Score 7.89

OCC Chairman for the evening HLP Grovesy

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