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HK, JoJo and The Shanghai Six

In September the OCC witnessed an historic event with the first official cross meet between our two Asian branches.

The HK branch had kindly invited their Shanghai counterparts to take part in this momentous occasion. It was to be weekend affair with ‘The Shanghai Six’ setting off on Friday to make the most of the HK hospitality on offer.

The venue for this occasion was JoJos in Wanchai. Chosen due to being on the HK watchlist it promised to provide hospitality and a track record of success with it running in HK since 1985.

JoJos scores

Quality: 6.5 Service: 6.9 Value: 6.9 Customer Care: 7.2 Atmosphere: 5.9

Total: 6.7

The meet itself was opened by a random seat selector to further integrate the two branches. The Shanghai Six were cordially introduced and one of the Six were invited to order for the table. The food itself was to a decent standard. The Shanghai members were impressed to finally find some curries with real spice though other members felt that the curries whilst good lacked that something special quality to gain a 7.

The service was just right for such an occasion as the drinks as well as the food was brought out promptly. The customer care in particular was excellent as the venue contributed to the handing over of Eddie the Camel who will now accompany all Asian branches on their cross meet journeys. Staff were extremely accommodating of our large group and happily posed for the obligatory photos as well as providing some free drinks to toast to the OCC.

Value was another strong point with the cost at around 400 HKD for food and drinks. The only criticism was that perhaps some of the portions were a little on the small side.

The atmosphere was perhaps the biggest negative as it seemed that it was just the OCC providing that Saturday night buzz in this well located venue.

Overall the OCC would recommend JoJos. It provides a decent curry in unpretentious settings and the members would be happy to return.

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