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Akbar's - Flippin' fab or a Flippin' flop?

The OCC descended upon Leeds like Muslims on a Haaj – hunting for curry perfection some 90 miles up the road. Some by train, so by car - some may say it was rather far, but did that stop the Super 7: Oh no it did not.

Armed with the treasured mascot - Gandhi's Flip Flops, the day started with us all meeting in a popular bar in Headingley, drink after drink, bar after bar we did a famous OCC pub crawl that will live long in the memory of the attendees with all the arsehole. Chant after chant shot after shot, the atmosphere was building.

The nominated chairman of the day (Remo Poli) took his disciples to none other than Akbar's – without swaying, a restaurant famous for its Hugeeeeeee Naan breads. A City close to his heart due to previous employers connections had tears streaming down his face at several points throughout the day – this was one of the proudest moments of his life.

As the pub crawl came to an end they entered Akbars – lead to their seat by a waiter, Gandhi’s flip flops were placed at the top overlooking proceedings. Atmosphere was buzzing, the drinks were flowing… the curry was nice and the Naans were so big it took members breath away as they watched it coming towards them.

Members ordered their mixes of curries, the thing about the OCC is we have experts ranging from no arsehole Korma men all the way to alllll the arsehole spicy Vindaloo men.

In summary, the curry left a lot to be desired upon and lacked a bit of quality as reflected in the 5.9/10 quality score. It was also fairly expensive and this meant it got a score of 5.6/10 on the value rating. The Customer Care level was okay, with it being a rather large restaurant it's quite easy to feel like just another customer in there and that score was reflected in the 5.7/10 rating. However, this was more than made up for with the bubbly vibrant atmosphere of the place which gave the atmosphere a 7.9/10 rating and the professional service of the waiters which gave a service rating of 6.9.

Customer Care - 5.71

Service - 6.86

Value - 5.64

Quality - 5.86

Atmosphere - 7.86

Overall - 6.39

It was time to leave, off we went back to the hotel to shower away that curry smell (well 6 out of 7 showered) a few more drinks in the hotel and off we went out to alllll the bars.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and night with fantastic people - we truly brought the OCC spirit to Leeds, what could possibly have gone wrong?

9am...chairman awakes to discover the Flip Flops were nowhere to be seen. Upon asking all members it seems they may have been stolen when none of us were looking – there must have been no other excuse, as the flip flops where GONE. Several phone calls later, weeks and weeks after and these have still not been returned to the OCC.

The chairman is extremely regretful of this and would like to take this blog entry to apologise to the Hong Kong branch who gifted us the Flip Flops and if they would like to discuss at their next meet how he could make it up to them then, he will do whatever it takes for their broken hearts to be mended.

Overall a great day and night, just a shame about the unfortunate events.


Chairman of the Meet

Remo Poli

OCC Core Competencies








Customer Care







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