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The Knight of the Rajdoot

The Knight of the Rajdoot

It was a cold and brisk evening on 23rd Feb 2018. The OCC have for the first time in a long time gone west of Big Ben in the search of curry perfection. This night the OCC visited The Rajdoot in Marylebone.

Since 1964 The Rajdoot have been a quality stamp for traditional Indian dishes where they draw inspiration from all 22 regions, and their food varies according to local influences characterized by exquisite aromas, glowing colours and earthy flavours, and a tripadvisor rating of 4/5 there were high expectations.

Also, that evening it was the first time we saw the first OCC tattoo. This member was the HLP in order to appreciate his commitment to the OCC he was knighted as honorary president for the evening. In other mentions, this was the first meeting of the newest member Donnay, welcome on board.

We were placed down stairs on three tables that normally seats 9 people so the 12 members were sitting a little cramped, together with a love-struck couple next to them in the corner, that after five minutes of the company of the OCC, decided to finish their date elsewhere.

Poppadoms were ordered (2 per person) and ALL the sauces, STANDARD. However, we were missing some poppadoms, the Rajdoot was not off to a good start.

Starters were ordered, 10 mixed starters, one paneer pakora and one Chilli pakora ordered and after these were devoured, the mains were ordered, sadly didn’t write those down, but according to the scores, it’s not worth the travel to The Rajdoot, as according to some members it wasn’t spicy enough, which is shown in the rating of the restaurant.

After this the punisher report was up, but I won’t go into detail on this as this was too much for the members and didn’t want to reminisce the dark ages of the OCC (their words). I can only see sunny days for the OCC.

All in all the Rajdoot is an average curry house, that sadly won’t go and win any curry award from the OCC unless they really step their game up.

Scores (out of 10):

7.25 - Customer Care

7.72 - Service

5.85 - Value

7.21 - Quality

7.55 - Atmosphere

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