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The Oakham Curry Club is a world renowned institute which has multiple branches across the world who scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest poppadoms.

We visited Tamarind in Wanchai on June 15 2018, and are delighted to report that it is officially OCC Recommended. A feat which is rarer than a Michelin star.

Quality: 7.1 Value: 7.1 Service: 7.8 Customer Care: 8.7 Atmosphere 6.1 Overall 7.7

Our visit to Tamarind was a delight which truly satisfied our hungry little taste buds. The spectacular view from its terrace provided a million dollar view at a reasonable price. It’s 270 degree views of the iconic Hong Kong Skyline helped build the excitement for our meal over ore meet drinks.

Chef Ravilal Bhandari certainly knows what he is doing. Throughout the meal we were treated to various treats in between courses, from Mango Lassi to the Pani Poori Trio.

Customer Care was first class, with the staff taking time to explain the dishes and tell the story behind them. The samosas were particularly well received - juicy and full of goodness, as was the tandoori chicken.

Furthermore, the service was top class. We were never left waiting for a beer. The management needed no further prompting after our initial request to keep us well lubricated, setting up an ice station right next to our table, filled with beers which enabled the attentive staff to look after us so well.

The only one of our 5 core competencies which scored slightly lower was atmosphere. The restaurant was disappointingly quiet- and we cannot understand why this is. Being a large restaurant, the lack of diners had a noticeable effect on the atmosphere. More people need to know about this restaurant - and more people need to taste the delights which Tamarind serve. The food is fantastic and well priced , the service is first class, and customer care is clearly important to them.

Hopefully the OCC can help to elevate this gem into the consciousness of poppadom preachers across Hk!

Tamarind is OCC recommended

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