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An Indian Summer…

With Britain yet to realise the summer that lay ahead, the OCC made their way to the heart of Zone 1, and The India.

With a solid 4.3/5 rating, The India focuses on ‘a classic rendition of the subcontinents most exclusive gastronomy – Vintage Indian Cuisine’.

Just a stone’s throw from London’s Cannon Street station, The India restaurant promises to ‘deliver every time’ – a bold pledge, and one that the world famous Oakham Curry Club would later put to the test.

The restaurant is based entirely underground, in a series of railway arch-style dining rooms. Its Ambient lighting and mellow music is a world away from the hustle and bustle that lay just above your head in the midst of the City.

Before so much as a poppadom had been ordered, The India endeared themselves to the OCC, with big screen World Cup football and a 4 for 3 deal on Chang beer. A warm welcome, befitting the soaring temperatures outside.

With international members in attendance, spirits were high. UK member Remo presented NPT with a gift from the UK branch…

A lovely gesture, even if the Lola’s Cupcake found its way onto the floor.

Back to the review, some grumbles aside – namely, not quite enough sauce for the poppadoms, no spice indication on the menu, and some service disputes – The India proved itself worthy of an OCC meet.

In line with the famed OCC scoring system (all marks out of 10) The India received the following:

• Quality – 7.35 • Service – 6.71 • Value – 7.46 • Customer care – 6.54 • Atmosphere – 7.23

Total – 7.06/10

As the score would suggest, The India is a respectable – albeit far from spectacular – choice for a curry in the City.

In the main, comments on the quality of the cuisines were impressive.

“My special tikka masala was on the hot side, still real juicy though.” – Smudge.

“Overall a very tasty curry” – Pep.

“Risked it with a lamb dish and it was lovely.” – Bolly.

However, the comments were not unanimous, as MVP remarked: “The meat was tender, but no heat and same taste in the different curries I’ve tried.”

The service, meanwhile – again, reflected in the scores – was not as impressive, with one particular incident affecting the scores.

Eddie said: “Waiter gave Gidz my dish, then another waiter realised this and said ‘just swap plates’, even though it had Gidz’s rice all over it. The waiter said ‘I’ll throw it in the bin then’ and stormed off.” “I’ll throw it in the bin then #XacuttiGate” – Gidz.

Looking for a curry in the City? You could do a lot worse. Make the most of The India’s generous 25% off (“Don’t often see that, especially at peak times.” – Pep), and you’ll find yourself enjoying a decent curry, in an unusual setting.

Just maybe stay clear of the Xacutti.


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