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Marmite anybody?

The Oakham Curry Club once more ventured to a different curry house in its ongoing goal to find the finest Indian cuisine. This time out the selected venue was the Gurkha Lounge in Hampton Peterborough.

Opened in December 2017 the Gurkha Lounge aims to bring you the best combination of Nepalese & Indian cuisine with an unmatched ambience & setting that is truly mesmerising.

Their goal is to introduce you, to a new taste, which is reflective of unique Gurkha Nepalese & Indian cuisine that was born from the mountains of the Himalayas and has become a favourite style of food throughout the world.

The Gurkha Lounge was ranked 3rd on TripAdvisor, so high expectations were held by all.

The restaurant itself was well laid out, looked fresh and felt very modern - the added touch was the indoor palm tree.

Guided by the trusted OCC marking system (all marks out of 10) the Gurkha Lounge achieved the following:

• Quality – 7.04 • Service – 7.13 • Value – 6.49 • Customer care – 7.06 • Atmosphere – 6.66

Total - 6.88/10

The scoring would suggest a average location for an enjoyable meal. That said, from reviewing the detailed results, the Gurkha Lounge offers a Marmite type experience. Scores varied widely over all categories ranging from 5.5s to 9s.

What better way to inform than quoting feedback from some esteemed OCC members themselves:

“Some beautifully spiced and tasty dishes with good service in a friendly atmosphere.” Gidds

“Decent all-round experience” Seve

Poppadum’s and accompanying sauces are key to the experience of the OCC and here is unfortunately where the scores likely dipped:

“Poor availability of sauces” Smudge

“the sauces weren’t great” Wrighty

All in all, the Gurkha Lounge did promise to provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with excellent service and for some it did and other others it didn’t quite achieve.


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