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A last Indian supper at the Bombay?

On Friday 14 September 2018 – the Hong Kong branch of the OCC visited Bombay Indian Restaurant, which is located deep in the heart of Temple Street, Jordan. The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is a well-respected Institution with multiple international franchises. The OCC takes pride in searching out the finest Indian restaurants and providing impartial reviews of Curry Houses all over the world. To get to the restaurant, our members weaved in and out of the various hawkers and traders who were selling a variety of goods and services. The atmosphere outside was electric – and we were excited to see if this atmosphere would be replicated inside as we sat down to experience their interpretation of an authentic Indian supper. For clarity, members vote anonymously, so as not to sway one another. Bombay Indian Restaurant was scored as follows: Quality: 5.8 Value: 7.1 Service: 5.7 Customer care: 4.7 Atmosphere: 4.7 Overall: 5.63 There was no doubt that the value in this cosy restaurant was incredibly good. The feast was incredibly well-priced, and we were well fed. We enjoyed a good selection of samosa’s, bhaji’s and mixed tandoori’s to start the meal off, and the mains dishes were a decent representation of Indian food – however we note that the sauces all tasted a little similar. A hearty selection of breads complimented the curries, and we were delighted to mop up the curries with them. Sadly the atmosphere inside did not match the ambience outside. Perhaps the restaurant is not well advertised, or perhaps it struggles to attract people away from the delights of the market. For the majority of our meet, we were the only people in the restaurant and given this, we would have expected the customer care and service to be a higher priority. All in all, the Bombay Indian Restaurant is a decent curry house. We would all be happy to eat there again when in the area, and we would be happy to give the nod to any fellow curry enthusiasts to do the same. However, the Bombay Indian Restaurant is lacking that little extra which is needed in order to compete for our CHOTY (Curry House Of The Year)

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