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An historic October for the OCC, we're expanding!

Great weather, Golden Week and the creation of the PRC are just some of the reasons to celebrate October in China. Now the OCC can add their global expansion as another reason to enjoy the month of October.

Some OCC fans had heard rumours of expansion in 2018 and the start of October saw the founding of the Singapore branch led by ex HK member Y@nnick Y@nnerson.

The Asian expansion then continued this month with the completion of the acquisition and merger of a local KL Curry Club to be brought into the OCC family.

This brings the OCC to 5 branches meaning that people can rely on the OCC for their knowledge of Indian food in the UK, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and now Kuala Lumpur.

Below are some details of the more established branches within the OCC

UK Branch

Started: November 2014 after a group of founding fathers were thoroughly disappointed of the quality of their dining experience at a local Indian restaurant.

Total members: 17

Total nationalities: 2

CHOTY winners: 8848 (2015); Newab Lounge (2016); Gopals of Soho (2017); Paradise (2018).

What it’s known for in the OCC: The original branch which set the standard. Now known for having a rolling Chairman for each meet.

HK branch

Started: April 2015 over many beers in Vietnam because of the evangelical enthusiasm of the UK founding Chairman Eddie Seddon. Hong Kong was hooked and soon began their pursuit of the crispiest poppadoms.

Total members: 16

Total nationalities: 7

CHOTY winners: Bindaas Kitchen, Central (2016) Koh-I-noor, TST (2017).

What it’s known for in the OCC: HK are the heavy weight drinkers of the OCC family. This is largely (but not exclusively) due to the significant Danish contingent amongst their crew.

Shanghai Branch

Started: January 2017 after Greg Siccardi, the original Vice Chairman of the UK Branch found 3 other suitable candidates to bring the OCC to the Chinese mainland.

Total members: 18

Total nationalities: 8

CHOTY winners: Kebabs on the Grille - Cool Docks (2017).

What it is known for in the OCC: Thus far the branch that has produced the highest quality trialist speeches ranging from inspirational words, musical performances, presentations and creation of OCC merchandise.

With the transient nature of life in Asia we expect more OCC expansion to occur in 2019 so watch this space!

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