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8848 - do we still appreciate?

First and foremost we are the OCC (Oakham Curry Club) and we are the self proclaimed global’s finest curry critiquing enthusiasts in search for curry perfection. With the highest of standards across the world we rate our experience on the following:

Quality = 7.5 Value = 6.95 Service = 7.85 Customer Care = 7.92 Atmosphere = 7.36 Total = 7.52 We the OCC have returned to the site of our previous Curry House Of The Year (CHOTY). We wanted to check on a previous winner of the award to make sure that the high standards were met and if they, the 8848 , would receive the coveted OCC STICKER OF APPROVAL.

We were welcomed back to The 8848 in Stamford. It had been 3 years since our previous meal here and we were met by a new owner as the previous manager had set up a similar business in Hong Kong. This Stamford branch however is still regarded by many people's favourite Nepalese & Indian Restaurant right in the heart of Stamford. We will wait and see. Quality = 7.5 We were met with an array of poppadoms, both normal and spicy, with allllll the sauces. These were really tasty but found that the jars were small enough that a few teaspoons upon a plate would lead you to asking the waiters for more sauce which became a little irritating. 2 unlimited would be impressed with 8848 signature dish, the momo. Mo mo, mo mo mo mo. An OCC member suggested that quite simply put 'the Momos were so juicy' in fact they were that good of a portion, a few were ordered for every member to taste. This was a delight for everyone there. A number of dishes were commented upon from the OCC. The lamb chops were very tasty and seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices, although some suggested it lacked a bit of meat. The prawns, however, were blamed for an upset tummy from one member who seemed to suggest that it was slightly underdone. Onto the main... Lamb Jalfrezi was ordered even when it was not on the menu. It was spicy and tasted great with some heat and good spices. Another OCC member ordered a dish which was not on the menu and said that he has had a better lamb Achari. Although he was grateful for the dish to be cooked as it was not on the menu, he did like it, but found that there was not enough meat or flavour. A lamb curry was found to be heavily mint based, but the lamb was so succulent and tender that you could cut with a fork. The sauce was found to be plentiful. The chilli chicken massala didn't disappoint, offering the tasty sweetness of the dish but also packing a punch. The Saag paneer as good as I’ve had. Creamy and well seasoned. And many OCC members found that although very fluffy and tasty, it wins the award for the hottest (temp) and maybe a touch too garlicky, but found that it's still a great accompaniment to any curry ordered. Value = 6.95 The meal in total came to £40 per head. Some OCC members commented that this was maybe a little much being away from city nightlife areas such as London, only being a little more expensive. However, it should be noted the cost may have been increased through some thirsty OCC customers. Service = 7.85 The timing between poppadoms all the way through to paying the bill was perfect. Never waiting too long but long enough to enjoy the evening amongst friends and leaving enough room between courses. Staff were polite and attentive and drinks came without much of a wait at all. Customer care = 7.92 The service was found to be superb, often providing dishes not on the menu like a chilli paneer and like the mains stated previously. The staff went above and beyond to cater for our needs. Maybe if we were being critical, some of the OCC members suggested that as the waiter claimed the madras was ‘hot’ then they felt it was slightly underwhelming. But that could be seen as picking holes in a nicely grafted Swiss cheese. Atmosphere = 7.36 We loved the setting for our meet, we were able to see most of the restaurant to gain the taste of a vibrant restaurant. The volume was perfect to suggest that most people here were having a wonderful time. Maybe it felt like some features could add to the restaurant like a water feature on the wall etc as it all seemed very white. White is good but sometimes it could seem strange, like Ross from friends when he had his teeth cleaned. Couldn't get over the whiteness. Overall score = 7.52 OCC favorited dishes: Starter - Momos Main - Chilli chicken masala Sides - Chilli or Sag paneer A great score with many members saying they could see why this place had won the Curry House Of The Year (CHOTY) in 2015. It has not lost any of its credibility and will be awarded the OCC sticker of approval. Congratulations to The 8848 of Stamford.

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