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Don’t believe in luck, only curries.

On Friday the 13th July, it was a wet and windy day. Some would say this was bad luck, whilst others would say it was just standard U.K. weather. Funny that, isn’t it. This Friday the 13th malarkey. Some believe it originates from the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi (circa 1780 BC), where the thirteenth law is said to be omitted. Others think it’s because Judas was the 13th disciple. Alas, the OCC don’t believe in luck, only curries. 10 members of the OCC attended this meet. Most from the U.K., one from H.K and one from Shanghai. These members were - Bolly, Eddie, Matt, Sicco, Pep, NPT, OCCO, HLP, MVP and Remo. And these members went to Dhaba@49.

Dhaba @49’s dishes are inspired by the roadside cafes of North India. They have redefined this very special niche cuisine with a British twist, creating food to dazzle your taste-buds.

Their head chef Naveen Dogra was trained by the Taj Hotel group - a school that has brought us many famous chefs such as Chef Sriram Aylur and Chef Srijith Gopinathan - both honored by the Michelin Guide.

Were the OCC honoured with a Michelin star meet? Not really. But it wasn’t bad either! A score of 6.76 was awarded by the attending OCC members. Placing it in the middle of the pack for curry establishments in the year 2018.

Dhaba@49 has a funky vibe with some great dishes. The OCC would recommend the juicy lamb chops to start. They were big and juicy. Either the lamb curry (which was just the right amount of heat) or the excellent prawn curry as a main, with a chilli paneer as a side - best EVER according to MVP. In terms of atmosphere, the waiters were on top form, but be prepared for long waits between courses. Do as the OCC do during this wait and gin gin gin! Be careful about ordering doubles though!

In summary, if you are out and about in West London, and are looking for a funky restaurant, with big lamp chops and just the right heat curries, then you can’t go far wrong with Dhaba@49. Just be prepared to get your wallet out.

Dhaba@49 Average scores; Customer Care 7.89 Service 7.13 Value 5.25 Quality 6.35 Atmosphere 7.20 OVERALL AVERAGE SCORE - 6.76 May your poppadoms be crispy, your sauces tasty and curry spicy. OCC Chairman for the night Bolly

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