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Austen-taciously divided by the Raj

OCC Meet 28/12/18 at The Raj of India 2 All Saints' St, the quaint little village of Stamford PE9 2PA, UK Last Christmas, the OCC was fully prepared to give its heart to Stamford, a beautiful Georgian stone town renowned for its mazy-daisy lanes, its picturesque cobblestones and for being the movie set for many a Jane Austin adaption. The scene was set for a triumphant night, with a strong turnout, including two guests from our Hong Kong branch. As you know, the Oakham Curry Club takes great Pride in our reviews, and as such it is with a heavy heart, and certainly without Prejudice, we are duty bound to report that the very next day, our heart was given away.

Customer Care 6.85 Service 6.69 Value 5.65 Quality 6.54 Atmosphere 6.58

Total Score 6.46 The Raj of India did not score highly enough to earn itself a coveted ‘OCC recommended’ sticker, however it was by no means a total disaster. The curry was pretty good in most cases. The picturesque restaurant had a lovely feel to it. The service was decent. The Raj of India is perhaps best described as a beef vindaloo with a side dish of prawn crackers. The ingredients on their own are great; but somehow when put together, it doesn’t quite work. This restaurant managed to completely split our opinions. Perhaps consistency was the biggest thing letting the Raj of India down. Some members scored their dishes extremely highly. Others declared it amongst the worst they had ever tasted. And this inconsistency was true even within their set menu for four; the curries demonstrated high quality and variety, yet the appetisers were lacking in both quality and quantity. The service was friendly, and the staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating. However the price per person was more in line with what you would expect from a central London Indian restaurant, than it was a rural town in Lincolnshire. Personally, I have the Sense and Sensibility to want to try this restaurant again one day. I am also entirely confident that anyone who chooses to frequent this venue for a ‘Curry with Wife’ would have a wonderful evening. Improving the consistency of its dishes would probably give the Persuasion necessary to nudge its score closer to the ‘recommended sticker’ – the OCC will be keeping a close and watchful eye on the Raj. Chairman Matt (HK)

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