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A culinary celebration of the senses!

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is one of the world's most respected reviewers of Indian cuisine. With multiple international franchises, we relentlessly scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest poppadoms, the tastiest sauces and spiciest curries.

In July we visited the old stomping ground of the club, Stamford. Once home to the original CHOTY winner, the 8848. With this in mind expectations were high with a long-standing member who returned to the club after a short spell away, choosing Jalsagor.

The name of the restaurant was chosen as it means ‘enjoyment’ or ‘celebration’ and is the name for weddings and parties. Certainly, when you tasted some of the Indian and Bangladeshi dishes on offer, its like having a culinary celebration of the senses! (Not swaying).

We had the joy of welcoming a new applicant and the meet was attended by all parties from London and Peterborough really showing great commitment by all.


Customer Care – 7.37

Greeted and welcomed into the private dining space within the conservatory, we felt very excited to be there and the feeling we got from the staff certainly showed this.

Service – 7.64

Another high score, the staff were polite and didn’t interrupt unless agreed to by the chairman when speeches were taking place, drinks and food came out at a good time.

Value – 7.09

Good pricing for the amount the group had in terms of drinks also. Stamford can be seen as an upper-class area, but the cost of the overall curry and drinks was more than reasonable.

Quality – 8.12

The highest score so far in the quality category, this really shows the level they are at. Food was fantastic, and all very much enjoyed. Mixture of spices and flavours as we expected.

Atmosphere – 5.86

A lower score which was disappointing, this may have been a reflection on the fact we had a separate area for us which some members didn’t clearly understand.

Overall – 7.22

A high score for the club so far this year, we would highly recommend this to all clubs and even social events. We will be back.

Check out for more reviews from across the globe.


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