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A Hidden Gem at Hongqiao Hub – Lazeez Indian Restaurant

On a wet and windy Friday night, intrepid members of the OCC ventured across Shanghai to the Hongqiao Hub to visit Lazeez Indian Restaurant. Due to work trips, holidays and no shows only seven members turned up for their monthly curry meet. The Magnificent Seven were joined by two special guests who immediately raised the standard of conversation; welcome Emma and Bella to the OCC!

The meet kicked off slightly later than the standard OST due to the maze of Hongqiao Hub where the pre-meet drinks were held at Bourbon Cook House. Led by the Chairman himself we turned up late, Dan even later!!!! Once all had made it to the restaurant we were warmly welcomed by the staff, who took care of all our needs graciously and efficiently. This excellent customer care resulted in a 8.9 customer care rating.

With a wide choice of dishes to choose from, the ordering for the night was done by the stand in Vice Chairman Sammy. A plethora of starters arrived to be eagerly consumed; Pea and Potato Samosas, Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebab, 3 different types of Naan too name a few. Not one but two homemade chutneys were then produced for the OCC members to sample and critique with the starters.

”Feedback being a gift” one of the key mantras of the OCC.

Whilst all were chowing down on the delicious starters the Chairman gave us all a run down on all Global OCC activities.

The mains now started to arrive with the likes of Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Rogan Josh, Smoky Beef Curry, Aloo Gobi and Alak Paneer, accompanied by Basmati Rice. As the dishes were place on the table they soon started to disappear!

As this sumptuous feast was being consumed (Quality 7.7) by the hungry and opionIated members, OCC business was conducted by the chairman, stand in Vice chairman and Dan. This all happened with the lively banter and beer drinking typically associated with the monthly OCC meet.

At this point another delightful surprise appeared, a homemade Jalapeño infused Vodka, which to some members was not so delightful. After eating their fill, the meet slowly came to an end; until The Punisher came into his element. An OCC tradition, a fine is met with eating a raw chilli. With certain glee in his eye the punisher dished out his fines (Pretty sure he was happy for the chairman to get one). The author of this article struggled and sweated with his fine, but all were helped by the awesome Mango Lassi's ordered by more experienced OCC members to help with the fines.

Overall, a great meet was had, and by the empty plates on the table all thoroughly enjoyed the food. Many thanks to the restaurant and staff as they were excellent throughout resulting in a service rating of 8.0 and a value rating of 8.3.

Overall the OCC gave Lazeez a tremendous 8.1 rating.



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