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A Mediocre Culinary Experience at Currify in Raffles City Shanghai

The Oakham Curry Club recently visited Currify, nestled in the heart of Raffles City Shanghai, with high hopes of indulging in a delightful curry experience. Unfortunately, our culinary journey fell short of expectations, leaving us with a lukewarm impression. This was especially disappointing as it was the return of a founding father who had been a revolutionary in the Indian culinary scene.

Service, unfortunately, proved to be a weak point during our visit. The pacing of the courses was inconsistent, and there were noticeable delays between each dish (which wasn’t helped by the chef leaving half-way through). The staff struggled to provide insightful recommendations or answer questions about the menu, contributing to a sense of disorganization. Requests were met with a certain indifference (or surprise that we requested multiple beers), and there was a notable absence of proactive engagement.

Currify which is based on a shopping mall was always going to struggle to provide the atmosphere expected by the OCC and it turned out to be the case. The bright lighting and restaurant layoff made it feel like a soulless experience.

The quality of the food at Currify was satisfactory, though not exceptional. While some dishes showcased authentic flavors and fresh ingredients, others fell short of the mark. The inconsistency in execution left our palates wanting more, and the presentation lacked the finesse expected from a venue of this caliber. One extra addition was the beautiful chutney that was brought to the party by the OCC which added some delicious flavour to the dishes.

One area where Currify managed to shine was in terms of value. The prices were reasonable for the location, and the portion sizes were adequate. However, the value was somewhat offset by the underwhelming customer care and service aspects.

In summary, Currify in Raffles City Shanghai left the Oakham Curry Club with mixed feelings. While the value for money and food quality were commendable, the lackluster customer care, mediocre service, and uninspiring atmosphere detracted from the overall experience. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Currify as an OCC-approved venue (overall rating 6.2).


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