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A spicy affair at 1498

At long last, it was my turn, 19 months after joining the famous OCC! No more COVID lockdowns and delays to contend with, plus in my hometown in a brand-new restaurant at Christmas time, this is the moment I had dreamt off since being accepted as a full member.

The Spice Affair, newly opened after relocating from nearby Spalding in Preistgate in a former social club seated us promptly in the middle of the venue for the OCC to be proudly pride of place for all to appreciate.

The Spice affair is a fusion restaurant offering a Portuguese/Goan flavour.

Beers were ordered and whilst expecting our pops to come out, which to be fair were a disappointment due to them being prawn crackers! The starters were all well received and some of the fusion aspects were sampled, mainly with the Lamb Croquettes. The mains were all juicy, flavourful the meat was of good quality and portion sizes were reaching towards the upper ends of good, sadly a let-down was lack of spice. With both the Vindaloo and Phall ordered and no genuine spice to either, expectation was higher, and sadly not met.

That said, this is most definitely a welcome addition to the Peterborough curry scene and will improve as it moves forward. The staff were welcoming, and although the restaurant was only half full a decent atmosphere was created. The fusion idea is working for them as you can sample some of the delights and curry needs, whilst embracing some Portuguese flair (and beer)!

An overall score average score of 6.9 means although it narrowly misses out on becoming OCC accredited, it does however leaves a pleasant memory of an enjoyable meet.



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