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Allll the sauces at Taj Mahal

We visited the Taj on Friday 30/12/22 @7:30, located at 37-39 Lincoln Rd, Peterborough PE1 2RH

On arrival the staff were very welcoming and showed us to our table, we haven’t visited for many of years and not much has changed with the restaurant, some may say it’s a little outdated and others may say it’s authentic but we felt comfortable which is always important.

After perusing the menu whilst sharing poppadoms with ALL THE SAUCES! We ordered starters and mains with few speciality dishes to share amongst the table, the Taj Mahal mixed platter seemed to be a popular choice for starters as 12 out of 14 guest chose this, like a herd of sheep ordering a dish with lamb in it.

For main course I ordered a selection of different curries to share between a small part of the table, the dish that stood out the most was the lamb keema bhuna it was full of flavour and highly recommend, what I like about the Taj is that description on the menu about how hot the dish is what you get as many other restaurants describe a dish as hot but comes out mild.

Overall the feedback was mixed but most would agree it was quantity over quantity as there was all the food, the gentleman who was looking after us is very recognisable for his choice of hair, whether it’s in fashion or out of style he will have it, as he is known as the mullet man, the service was quick and drinks were flowing fast, which was probably down to the fact there were only ever two tables at any given time so the atmosphere lacked, the value was very high for a Peterborough curry house probably due to the amount of drinks and sides, there was a lot of food left over which was boxed up and given to the homeless in the town.

The Taj Mahal missed out on the occ approved sticker but it still wouldn’t discourage me from returning as the customer care was good.

Customer care = 8.08

Service = 7.71

Value = 4.29

Quality = 6.85

Atmosphere = 5.48

Overall rating = 6.48



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