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Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

Another second Friday of the month, and another OCC-England meet is upon us! Bengal Tiger in Old Street was the venue in a low-key meet aligned with the sad passing of HM the queen, the OCC felt it only right to continue on and celebrate the life of arguably the greatest ever Monarch, it’s what she would have wanted.

Arriving at the empty first pub, we enjoyed a few warm up pints where a group of loud mouths interrupted our new Kings speech. Had Iszaaks not been in mourning he would have definitely gone over there to put his point across.

Onto the restaurant, we were warmly greeted and shown to our round table, perfect for the group size. If one thing was to come of this venue it was certainly the friendly staff who made us feel right at home. Unfortunately (and surprisingly for a zone 1 location which surprisingly Donnay couldn’t make) a lack of other people in the restaurant really didn’t help with the ambience.

And a bad start with stale pops would lead some to believe that first impressions really do matter. However some sauces and a couple of beers got us going, although this could have been better.

Starters were a mixed bag, with one member claiming they were “juicy” and another saying they were “a 4/10 max”.

On to the mains, a common theme with London curry houses (Eddie) that they were nice enough but lacked spice. “The hottest sauciest curry suggested by the waiter was chicken jalfrezi. Was less heat than a madras and no sauce!” Everyone else has similar experience and the special of duck jalfrezi didn’t wet the appetite enough for high scores.

Despite the friendly staff, overall the service was seen as average and even though the restaurant wasn’t busy, the OCC members felt rushed, souring the overall evening.

A sadly low score of 5.94 seems to be fairly reflected in the experience, but we thank Bengal Tiger for welcoming us, and we hope that this was just an off evening on what is surely a promising looking venue.

On to the next meet with a bumper crowd expected in Stamford!


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