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Bombay Brasserie

With a return to the birth place of the OCC, can the Bombay Brasserie now deliver?

With the last visit almost 5 years ago it felt right to see if time had treated the long serving restaurant well. Scoring 5.78 last time round it was hoped on this occasion members would be treated to a more enjoyable experience.

The Bombay Brasserie was originally opened in June 1981 and has seen a vast array of famous diners since, including Lenny Henry, Peter Andre and Mike Tyson just to name drop a few.


The Bombay Brasserie ultimately believe it is the quality of their food, with a variety of interesting and distinctly different dishes produced with uncompromising consistency that has helped it to remain as one of Peterborough's longest standing restaurants. It’s now for the OCC to judge.

When we arrived we were kindly welcomed and taken to our seat. The restaurant was busy but not full, the decor has aged however this gave it an authentic feel.

We received drinks promptly and then starters were ordered in the traditional manner, pen and paper. We will get to this later. The selection of starters was vast and maybe a first for the OCC, each member ordered different starters to one another.

Starters chosen ranged from prawn’s and puri, chicken chapli kebab to lamb chicken tikka paiz. In general these were well received and actually some felt these where the highlight of the meet with a particular mention to the quality of the paiz.

Mains were then taken on the iPad. Again a good selection was available and members took the opportunity to vary their selections. The lamb gosht salan was one of the specials picked which was a good dish noted for it spiciness and fulsome favour.

All in all the experience was a good one, unfortunately it didn’t quite deliver anything out of the ordinary and was reflected in the scores:

Customer Care - 6.86

Service - 6.43

Value - 5.21

Quality - 7.07

Atmosphere - 6.36

Overall - 6.39

Now for the pen and paper/ iPad ordering method. This did appear to cause unnecessary delay to ordering our food while different waiters ran around looking for the iPad only to find it in use with a colleague. Furthermore it unfortunately appeared to lead to an error in the bill with all starters being charged twice. This to be fair to Bombay Brasserie was not noticed at the time of settling the bill and was only noticed while preparing this blog. I’m sure this would have been easily corrected by the restaurant if we had brought it to their attention, however this will have effected members interpretations with regard to value and thus overall score.

It will now be a while until the occ are back lets hope it will be a sticker next time around.


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