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Carry on up the Khyber Pass Mess Club

Khyber Pass Mess Club

Chungking Mansions

TST, Hong Kong

November 2018

Quality: 7.5

Average: 8.9

Service: 6.6

Customer Care: 6.7

Atmosphere: 6.9

Overall: 7.32

OCC Recommended

The Khyber Pass mess club is a Hong Kong legend. This is not one of your fancy-Dan, Michelin wannabe pretentious, quinoa-quaffing establishments. This is a curry house. Plain and simple. And every day the people of Hong Kong take their lives into their own hands in order to sample their delights.

Chungking Mansions is known to be a centre of drugs, as well as a refuge for petty criminals, and scammers. One famous police raid in 1995 resulted in 1,750 people being questioned, and 45 men and seven women from being arrested on suspicion of offences including failing to produce proof of identity, using forged travel documents, possessing equipment for forging documents and possessing dangerous drugs. It is a known rendezvous spot for gold smugglers….and it is the home to some of Hong Kong’s best curry houses.

The Khyber Pass mess club has been proudly serving Indian curries and tandoori grills in Chungking mansions since 1991.

You know what you are going to get in a Chungking Mansions Curry House. Plastic table cloths. Excellent Value. Cramped elbow room. Juicy home-made samosas. A fun bustling atmosphere. Tiny toilets. Tender mixed Tandoori platters. Cheap beer. Good fun with the wait staff and a fantastic set menu option.

You’re going to hate the raucous entrance and the hustle which comes with it if you have never been before.

You’re going to love the food and the value if you persevere beyond that.

The Khyber Pass mess club is well and truly OCC recommended


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