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Cold Endeavour

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is one of the worlds most respected reviewers of Indian cuisine. With multiple international franchises, we relentlessly scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest poppadoms, the tastiest sauces and spiciest curries. On December 3rd, 2021 the OCC Nova Scotia reviewed Naan N Curry as part of our hunt for the CHOTY (Curry House Of The Year). The OCC’s scores out of 10: Quality: 6 Atmosphere: 6.25 Value: 7 Service: 5 Customer care: 4 With an average score of 5.65 Naan N Curry is NOT OCC Approved. Despite a very authentic atmosphere, Naan N Curry failed to live up to their promise of "bringing the traditional flavours of India to life here in Halifax" with very average and at times slightly plain curries - the butter chicken was especially disappointing - which was also pointed out by several of the attending OCC members. The restaurant temperature was close to being below zero, making it near impossible to enjoy the dishes - all of which where served lukewarm. Naan n Curry also ran out of beer after only the second round had been served. The service at Naan n Curry could see immediate improvements, with slow service, no plates for appetisers and generally lacking recommendations on what to select from the menu. In summary, whilst Naan n Curry is pleasing on the eye, the OCC feel like there is still room for improvement. That being said, although it lacked quality and Service the OCC are used to, it’s definitely not a bad place to nip into for an evening meal if you are ever in the area. - OCC


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