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Feed the Yak N he will Score?!

Yak N Yeti based In Stroud Green “are proud to serve the surrounding area” offering food such as “Biriyani, curry, tandoori and more” It is noted that their website leaves a lot to be desired, with minimal information (OCCO side job?). They are a proud Nepalese restaurant, yet no mention of this?! Hopefully not a sign of things to come.  


The OCC’s scores out of 10:

Quality: 6.9 Atmosphere: 5.0 Value: 5.3 Service: 6.6Customer care: 6.2

Overall Score 6.0


The OCC arrived promptly at 19:30 OST and were ushered through an empty restaurant to their seats. Yak N Yeti is located on a busy high street 10 minutes’ walk from Finsbury Park station. To find the restaurant empty on a Friday night was a bit of a shock, but perhaps the warm evening and the lure of the local pubs / wireless festival contributed to this. Unfortunately, this was too rightly reflected in the atmosphere score.

Atmosphere: 5.0

Service & Customer Care are often two peas in a pod, and this was very much the case here. Considering that the OCC were only accompanied by another couple of tables in the restaurant the service was a touch slow. Customer care was a mixed bag. Some members felt that not enough attention was on the OCC. However the waiter did recommend we swap outour Kingfisher beer for a Nepalese beer “Gurkha”. Also when asked for dish recommendations, one member was offered to swap the dish for free if they didn’t like it, which was a nice touch.

Customer Care: 6.6 Service: 6.6

As Yak N Yeti is a Nepalese restaurant, there seemed to be additional starters on the menu, that wouldn’t necessarily be found on a traditional Indian Menu. Of course, Momos were ordered, but other unconventional (to the OCC) starters such as Chicken Lollipop & Piro Piro Jhinga were also found on the table. These went down well, the Chicken lollipop accompanied with a tangy, spicy flavour was a personal favourite.

The mains unfortunately failed to build on the success of the starters. There didn’t seem to be anything drastically wrong with any dish, but neither anything spectacular. One member order the Hariyali Chicken, which whilst packed a bit of hear, didn’t really live up to the expectations from the menu. A total score of 7 is considered a strong score for the OCC, so to put that into context, a quality score of 6.9 suggests that overallthe food was tasty, yet just falling short.

Quality: 6.9

We are living in tough economical times, inflation and interest rates are on the rise. Sadly everyone, including the OCC will feel this. The total bill was £55 PP, which led to an poor value score. Unfortunately going forward for the foreseeable future, these dining experiences will all begging to hover over a new cost PP that we will need to adjust to. Previously a bill of £55 would suggest the OCC were also drinking heavily, but this wasn’t the case, with only single gins and only 3 or 4 beers / soft drinks each ordered. With prices rising the way that they are, its going to be improve the quality is ensured, otherwise expect to see many more low value ratings, whilst the OCC adjust.


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