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Free flow or just a drip at Tap & Tandoor?

Now well trained in the art of socially distanced dining the OCC were again in Peterborough, this time to sample the offerings of Tap and Tandoor located within the City’s Cathedral Square.

Tap and Tandoor opened in Peterborough in July 2019 with this being the first formal visit from the OCC. The choice of venue, a gastropub and the lack of poppadoms listed on the menu, did cause quite a stir within the group however the chance to sample a new spin on Indian cuisine was taken up by most.

The atmosphere within the modern feel venue was welcoming, comfortable and lively with numerous diners enjoying themselves, which was quite refreshing considering the implications that COVID has had on the whole eating out experience.

Tap and Tandoor specialises in craft beers and cocktails to complement their Indian food, that said their selection of beers was wide and varied and offered a welcoming change to typical offerings of Cobra or King Fisher. With drinks severed, members settled and with no house poppadoms available the opportunity for a quick tasting survey on ready to eat supermarket poppadoms was undertaken. Three varieties were sampled: Sharwood’s, Tesco’s and Patak’s, with Sharwood’s plain selection being a clear winner.

The selection of starters was varied and with the opportunity to pair these with a sharing mix grill was well received, particularly as it was agreed that these could be served separately as a starter instead of accompanying the main course. The combination of chicken tikka, seekh kebab and lamb chops along with beer battered bhajis was chosen by most, with some members commenting on the size of the bhajis being too large while some believed the bhajis were the stand out dish.

As is now routine a number of dishes are chosen for all to sample, the dishes selected at this meet were Goat Curry, Prawn curry and Daal Makhani, these had mixed responses with some finding them nothing special while others really enjoyed them. That said members own personally selected dishes went down a storm, here’s a few quotes “lamb chops tandoor, they were very succulent and juicy, well spiced with good flavours”, “Lamb curry vindaloo hot was not that spicy but still tasty!” and “the chicken palak main was very tasty and the chilli cheese naan was very good”.

I think the following quote best sums up the Tap & Tandoor:

“it's not your traditional curry house but makes up for it in quality of food, taste and presentation, I thought it was amazing”

Customer Care 6.58

Service 7.29

Value 8.09

Quality 7.94

Atmosphere 7.83

Total score 7.55/10 🔥

With a score of 7.55 the Tap and Tandoor will receive the status OCC Approved, congratulations.


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