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Evidently some kind of Chili fallout from the March meet to Paradise had affected some members of the OCC (add link here). Last minute flakiness, sneakiness and floods of sweats even before a dish had been served, were all on show in another highly entertaining evening.

April’s OCC installment took us to Ganesha, one of the most important deities in the Hindu pantheon and widely worshipped as the remover of obstacles and bestower of good fortune.

For the OCC super fans out there, yes you (your continuedkind support has our latest channels video on 1000+ hits) may recollect this was a venue visited in 2018. Back then it just missed out on being OCC approved with an overallscore of 6.7. How would it fair in comparison to 3 years ago? Would it gain the coveted OCC approval and a score above 7.0?

A wide range of starters were ordered including samosas, poppadoms, mutton seekh kebabs and erm onion rings. Nothing special there really. More noticeable however was the busyness of the restaurant which saw people queuing outside.

Onto the mains which included a surprisingly fiery mutton vindaloo, voted as our favorite dish, palak paneer which was rich in substance if not creamy. Other dishes which can only really be described as “ok” or “mediocre” includedvarious Aloos (potato), tandoori roti, fish & prawn curries with various naans. Many in the group commented the curries looked similar and one eerily close to an Italian specialty, bolognaise sauce.

Service was attentive most of the night if a little understaffed and scored 6.6. Value was where Ganesha excels though and a few OCC members raised an eyebrow when a score of only 7.2 was recorded. This is one of the cheapest Indian sit-down restaurants in town. Lunch specials start from a very affordable RMB 19.

All in all, Ganesha scored 6.6 which is an almost identical score to 2018. Consistent scoring then for a restaurant that has not changed much if at all in the last 3 years.

Verdict: Ganesha is not the kind of restaurant that will convert non-believing Indian food lovers but then again it doesn’t set out to do that. If however, you are looking for a modestly priced, kind on your wallet local Indian, then Ganesha is worth a visit. OCC


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