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Gopals going nowhere!

July 14, 2023

The OCC recently dined at Gopals of Soho, 12 Bateman St, W1D 4AH, London, accompanied by two international guests. The restaurant was highly regarded as the Curry House of the Year in 2017, setting high expectations for our visit. However, it disappointingly fell just short of receiving a sticker during this recent experience.

The customer care provided by the staff was commendable, with a customer care rating of 7.21. The chef impressively remembered us from our previous visit in 2017, which added a personal touch to our dining experience.

However, the value for money was lacking, receiving a disappointing rating of 5.08. At £70 per head, the prices seemed to be more reflective of the restaurant's prime location rather than the food and service quality. It was clear that we were paying a premium for the central Soho address.

The service received a score of 6.73, indicating that while it was acceptable, it did not stand out as exceptional. The servers were attentive enough, but there were some areas that could have been improved upon.

Regarding the food, the quality was decent, scoring 6.93. The keema naan was a highlight, but the absence of Achari was disappointing. The poppadom’s were good, but the mint sauce left something to be desired. On the bright side, the lime pickle was delicious. The lamb bhuna received rave reviews along with the special Goan Lamb Masala ordered for the table, both standout dishes of the evening, but overall, the curries lacked the desired level of spice by some members.

The atmosphere of the restaurant received a high rating of 7.36, creating a pleasant and enjoyable ambiance for our meal.

One aspect worth mentioning is that the restaurant was classified as accessible, though it is worth noting that the toilets are located down a narrow staircase, which may be inconvenient for some patrons.

The restaurant is categorized as a late-night eatery, but it closes at 11 pm, which might be disappointing for those seeking a truly late-night dining option.

In conclusion, while the Indian restaurant in Soho displayed some positive aspects, such as good customer care and a pleasant atmosphere, it fell short of living up to its previous accolades as the Curry House of the Year. The food, although enjoyable, lacked the exceptional quality and spice that one would expect from an award-winning establishment. Moreover, the high prices seemed to be driven more by its location rather than the overall dining experience, resulting in a lower value rating. With some improvements, the restaurant could regain its previous reputation and appeal to a broader range of patrons.


Overall Score: 6.66/10

Customer Care Rating: 7.21/10

Service Rating: 6.73/10

Value Rating: 5.08/10

Quality Rating: 6.93/10

Atmosphere Rating: 7.36/10


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