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Gunpowder, Wan Chai

Customer Care 7.19

Service 7.23

Value 7.34

Quality 7.55

Atmosphere 6.91

Overall average: 7.24

Gunpowder is OCC recommended

With a table of 9 booked for the evening, a high score for customer care was ensured when we were ushered to the private room at the back of the restaurant upon arrival. However, while this was an outstanding touch which saved the other diners from having to listen to us all evening and ensure maximum banter opportunities, it did make it hard to rate the atmosphere of the restaurant which may explain its slightly lower score there, but what we can say, is that when we arrived at 8pm the restaurant had a good number of tables occupied, particularly given the current Covid climate and the atmosphere was bubbling nicely.

Beer was swiftly ordered and though the initial round took a little while to be poured and arrive, the remainder of the night passed with excellent service and without glasses being empty for long.

Gunpowder markets itself as an “Indisum” restaurant, priding itself on offering variety and giving its customers the chance to try a range of dishes. Whilst the Vegetable Samosas were crispy and the Pao Keema came with buttery buns, they both felt like they were lacking in substance due to the smaller ‘dim sum’-style portion sizes. 

As the mains arrived, both the quality and the portion sizes really picked up. All the curries we ordered were quickly dispatched and an abundance of Naan bread was consumed. The curries really were the star of the show – as they should be.

Perhaps this is the aim of the “Indisum” style after all; don’t fill up on Samosas and Tandoori chicken so you can actually enjoy your curry without being hideously full by the end. Either way, the meal ended on a high!

After settling the bill, a reasonable 600HKD per person, the men of the OCC ventured off into the night in search of Gin and Tonics. 


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