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Holy Cow!

As the nights draw in and we enter the winter period, the OCC turned east to Limehouse in search of their latest curry quest, Holy Cow - Fine Indian Dining.

Set in a spacious, ground floor space just near the best basin that London has to offer, is a modern curry house that boasts beautiful interior decor and a most welcoming set of staff.

The restaurant had a smattering of other customers but it would be difficult to call it lively, and so we settled in to our table underneath a large “holy cow” decoration, watching over us as we got stuck in to both our OCC business and our poppadoms.

Holy Cow opts for the less favoured basket of broken pops to share between us, we usually like 2 whole ones each so a few felt hard done by. The sauces weren’t much to write home about either with just your usual staples.

As the staff took our orders, customer care was making a move as they allowed us to customise our curries with options to make it saucier, or spicier. But unfortunately after this we saw where the main issues lied with this curry house, and that was with the speed of service.

It took around 2 hours for our mains to arrive, with the meet lasting over 3 hours in total, which is simply not good enough. Holy cow run a successful delivery operation at the same time, and with many bags of food going out in that time in front of us, you couldn’t help but feel 2nd best to that operation.

When we did get our food, most members agreed that it was very tasty. Our starters were a mix of chilli chicken, mixed grill and spiced momos, with the mains ranging from Saag chicken to an outrageous lamb shank curry (clearly the star of the show). A big shoutout to the naan breads which were top tier, light but crisp on the bottom, steaming hot and flavoured well.

Overall, unfortunately the lovely staff and great food were not enough to outdo the long waiting times that we had, hopefully it was an off night for the restaurant but sadly no sticker on this occasion. A very enjoyable meet for most nonetheless!

Customer Care - 6.39

Service - 4.72

Value - 6.94

Quality - 7.39

Atmosphere - 5.89

Overall - 6.27


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