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The OCC contingent heard about Kanchhi, a new restaurant which had opened in the heart of Stamford. With It being a Sister restaurant to the Gurkhur Dubaar in Peterborough (which in 2021 received the prestigious CHOTY award)… we just had to give it a try!

First up at Kanchhi were the popaddoms…. “may you poppadoms be crispy” … unfortunately some OCC members felt that the papaddoms were as stale as the pear tree next doors IPA and they have been out of business for 5 years. The sauces were a little on the small side although more sauces were dished out upon requests. Some notable starter dishes were the spiced mushrooms which had the right amount of spice and flavour along with the famous majestic chicken which was a great hit. The onion bhajis were the best one member has ever tasted with them crispy on the outside andmelt in your mouth on the inside.

Main dishes were next up. The goat curry flavoursome but lacking spice and the buttered chicken cooked to perfection and very tasty. The mixed grill was said to be cooked to perfection with a masala sauce on the side. This was found to be plentiful and had succulent juicy meat, but was also found to be a bit on the pricey side. Another OCC member was said to have found the shahi chicken a little disappointing and bland.


Notable dishes

the duck starter and the fiery lamb main. Both were a massive hit with the OCC and the fiery lamb packing that much need punch in regard to chilli heat which seemed to be missing through the evening.


Kanchhi , a beloved name usually given to the youngest in the family is the most cherished word in every Nepalese and Indian household which is why Kanchhi is said to symbolizethe divine devotion and maximum attention to every single dish.

Although the service was superb, and the customer care was second to none along with the finest authentic cuisine some of the OCC felt like it lacked spice and didn’t quite live up to the mother restaurants superb standards.

There were some tasty dishes it but seems to lack the fire needed in several their hotter curries. We wish them well as they are lovely people,and the restaurant is very well decorated giving it a great ambiance but unfortunately it was very much 50/50 a big hit or a massive miss on some of the items we ordered this time around.


Customer Care = 8.11

Service = 7.46

Value = 6.00

Quality = 6.67

Atmosphere = 6.22

Overall = 6.89





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