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Kebabs on the Grille

Specialising in stylish live grille Indian Cuisine, Kebabs on the Grille brings traditional North Indian trademarks to Shanghai with a chargrilled twist. Headlining fixtures from this bold, contemporary Indian menu include succulent tikka, chunky moist masalas, and – of course – rich, mellow dhal, served with buttery roti and lamb stuffed naans.

The ambitious Kebabs on the grille team have delighted clientele in Shanghai since way back in 2008 when they first opened at the 'Cool docks'. Since then, they have expanded to five restaurants around town, each with its own individual charm. On this occasion, the OCC visited their location on HuangPi Bei Lu location. A slick & cosy site situated in the Central Plazza building, once inside and you have experienced the warm reception from Sandeep and the team, you soon forget you're in a mall at all!

On the menu tonight was a range of classic starters, including fragrant and tender onion Bhajia, Tandoor seared Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Samosas & Saag.

The curries included Goaan style Prawn Curry, which was outstanding, a Kadhai made with meaty chunks of chicken enriched with onions, coriander and green chillies, and to round things off a tasty Lamb Vindaloo that appeared to get spicier with every bite.

Maybe it's the flame grill effect, or perhaps it's the service that was as smooth as Indian silk, but there is something about a visit to Kebabs on the Grille that stands out amongst Shanghai's curry houses.

Kebabs on the grill, Central Plazza, scored a total 7.4, reflecting an all-round quality experience.


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