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Kings Cross Tandoori

First meet of 2023, a couple of visitors and all the numbers. Kings Cross London is known as one of the busiest hubs in London with thousands passing every day, like every metro-polis it’s has countless pubs and restaurants, but today the OCC were in town! 

Off the back of an unreal Tik Tok performance arranged by none other than the godfather of the OCC, and with Iszaaks continuing his streak towards most meets in a row, spirits were high!

Arriving at the Fellow, to a pint of Madri and 10 OCC brothers was a welcome sight! Couple of pints here, then onward to Millers and finally Scottish Stores, the latter seeming familiar but couldn’t remember if anyone had been there under any of its former names??

We arrived at Kings Cross Tandoori just before the scheduled 730 start, warm welcome and great seating, the owners welcoming booked and guests of the street with smiles and a promise of beer and curry. 

Pops and sauces arrived in good time, nice to get to spend time breaking bread with our Shanghai cohort. 

Starters were ordered and delivered, mixed starter to share between 2 was the biggest seller, Wrighty’s special looked decent. A special mixed.

Mains were hit and miss, mine was great with the lamb cooked just right, however complaints of lack of specs, and stale naans. Although not a resounding success, the highlight were Jacks magnesium story, the manager begging for and wearing and OCC tie. Chilies were handed out, the bill paid and finally the photo taken! 

Everyone went separate ways to pass judgement and wait with anticipation until we meet again! 

In summary, atmosphere and welcome was good but the inconsistency in the timing, quality and heat of the food probably give Kings Cross Tandoori a fair score of 6.34, which ultimately falls just under the line and does not receive a sticker, and is not OCC approved.




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