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Maharaja of India

Located in the heart of Leicester Square, Maharaja of India promises authentic Indian cuisine, but opinions among diners are mixed. One diner found the mixed starter enjoyable, praising the nice flavors, though noting the chicken lacked some punch. Another, however, had a less-than-stellar experience, feeling unwelcome upon arrival and disappointed by the mixed grill, with bland tikka pieces and a dry, burnt bhaji. The garlic chilli chicken and Iranian special lamb mains also fell short, with dry chicken and fatty, chewy lamb. Despite the owner's late recognition of the diner's status as part of a serious curry club, the overall experience failed to impress.

On the other hand, one diner was thrilled with the food quality, describing it as 'absolutely dynamite,' from the mixed starter to the Maharaja masala and specials, all bursting with juicy flavors. The busy, albeit cramped, central location added to the ambiance, though mistakes in the order were quickly rectified by attentive staff. However, another diner found the lamb chop sizzler disappointing, with one chop tough as leather, though the flavors redeemed it somewhat. The Iranian lamb table curry fared better, delivering a good spice kick, although some curries felt repetitive.

Customer service proved lacking for many diners, even when the staff knew they were part of a curry club, with complaints ranging from a lack of menu and salad to unhelpful responses when accidents occurred. Despite varying experiences, Maharaja of India seems to offer a mixed bag of delights and disappointments, leaving diners with differing impressions of its authenticity and service quality."

Customer Care Rating - 5.25

Service Rating - 7.0

Value Rating - 6.08

Quality Rating - 6.25

Atmosphere - 7.67

Overall 6.45/10


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