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Masala Delight, Halifax

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is one of the world’s most respected reviewers of Indian cuisine. With multiple international franchises, we relentlessly scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest papadums, the tastiest sauces and spiciest curries.

On May 20th 2022 the OCC Nova Scotia reviewed Masala Delight as part of our hunt for the CHOTY (Curry House Of The Year) and in search of the fourth OCC approved curry house in Canada.

Members vote anonymously on 5 categories - and an average score is given to each restaurant we review.

For Masala Delight:

Quality - 6.75 /10

Service - 5.5 / 10

Value - 9.5 / 10

Customer Care – 5.75 / 10

Atmosphere – 5.5 /10

With an average score of 6.6 Masala Delight is not OCC approved.

The OCC members arrived at the establishment 9.20pm after having watched the local CPL team, The Halifax Wanderers, loose 0-4. During the 90 minutes the members has worked up quite a thirst and were looking forward to a cold & refreshing Kingfisher at Masala Delight.. To the great disappointment we were informed that Masala Delight does not have a liquor license, so we had to settle with water.

The staff at Masala Delight were welcoming and understanding of the OCC members disappointment in being able to consume a cold Kingfisher. Upon ordering the different starter and main, the staff was very helpful in recommending their personal favourites and their “Must Try” items, an advise the OCC member welcomed.

Having been served a delightful round of Chicken Pakora starters, the mains started arriving at the table. The OCC members had made a selection of Chicken, Veggie & Combo- Curries accompanied by a selection of home made Naan’s and steamed rice.

It quickly became evident that the curries seemed to lack a bit of authenticity and flavour. The traditional Butter Chicken was a prime example. Great in taste and presentation, but overall it lacked the final bit of spice and taste of India, in order to get it up to the standard of the other Curries houses visited by the OCC in Halifax.

The home made Naan breads where a treat with the perfect balance of flavour, butter and garlic made them a great enjoyment to eat.

In summary, whilst Masala Delight is pleasing on the eye, the OCC feel there is still room for improvements. That being said, although it lacked the final quality in the curries which the OCC members are used to, it’s definitely not a bad place to nip into for an evening meal if you are ever in the area.


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