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Memsaab of Islington

On June 9th, 2023, the Oakham Curry Club (OCC) embarked on an adventurous culinary journey to Memsaab, a renowned Indian restaurant located in Islington. With six enthusiastic members in attendance, the OCC eagerly delved into the flavours and ambiance that this establishment had to offer. The club members evaluated Memsaab based on five key factors: customer care, service, value, quality, and atmosphere. Let's dive into the details of their experience and see how Memsaab fared.


Customer Care and Service:

Memsaab received an average score of 6.28/10 for customer care and 6.08/10 for service. Although the staff was polite, attentive, and accommodating, there were some areas that required improvement. The starters took longer than expected to arrive, leading to a slight delay in the overall service. However, the waitstaff was apologetic and tried their best to ensure a satisfactory dining experience for the OCC.


Value and Quality:

With scores of 6.52/10 for value and 7.07/10 for quality, Memsaab showcased reasonable offerings in terms of both affordability and taste. While some members found the food flavoursome and enjoyable, others had mixed opinions. One member ordered the chicken tikka masala, which was described as tender but overly sweet, suggesting that the balance of flavours may have missed the mark. However, the overall consensus was that the dishes provided a reasonable curry experience, with flavours that satisfied the palates of the OCC.



The ambiance of Memsaab garnered a score of 5.83/10. The club members found the environment to be pleasant enough, but it fell short of creating a truly memorable dining atmosphere. Despite this, the restaurant's location received positive feedback, enhancing the overall experience for the OCC.


Overall Score and Final Thoughts:

Combining the scores for customer care, service, value, quality, and atmosphere, Memsaab received an average overall score of 6.36/10 from the OCC. Although the visit was not flawless, the club members appreciated the reasonable curries and flavoursome starters, which made up for some of the shortcomings in service and atmosphere. It is worth noting that the service delay was attributed to another large party, indicating that management could consider better strategies for handling multiple groups simultaneously.


In conclusion, the Oakham Curry Club had an enjoyable gathering at Memsaab. The restaurant's offerings showcased decent flavours, and the reasonable value added to the overall experience. While there is room for improvement in terms of service efficiency and ambiance, Memsaab remains a viable option for those seeking a fair curry experience in Islington. Unfortunately however Memsaab is not OCC approved.


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