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Not a care in the world at Est. India, Southwark

There’s an age-old saying in the world of hospitality – ‘the customer’s always right’.

But as the OCC discovered in the heart of Zone 1, that’s not always the case.

*About Est. India*

Set a five minute walk from Borough station, Est. India is firmly in Zone 1 territory. Close to the hustle and bustle of London Bridge, the restaurant holds an inviting location next to Flat Iron Square.

With some top boozers nearby, it’s undoubtedly a prime spot for a curry house.

Occupying Unit 73, the OCC were intrigued… what delights lay inside the (minimum) other 72 units?

Open at both lunch and dinner, Est. India promises ‘traditional fine urban dining.’

*Get what you’re given*

With spirits high, the OCC were soon brought back down to earth.

Initially, the confusion of two drinks menus – with the same products at different prices – was odd. But nothing too much to worry about.

But a few minutes later set the tone for the customer care (or lack of) throughout the evening.

A member was categorically served the wrong gin – a more expensive gin – and when he questioned it, the waiter shrugged and insisted he must have the more expensive (incorrect) option.

“I’ve never experienced rudeness from staff like it” sad one member in the final review. Oh dear.

The night continued in the same vein, disinterested staff who seemed to have little interest in going the extra inch, let alone mile.

A worryingly low customer care score of 3.43 says it all.

*Juicy food*

What makes the matter worse is that the food was categorically good. In fact, a A Quality score of 7.46 is almost sticker-worthy.

Ultimately, service lets Est. India down. That much is clear from overall quality scores, and the comments (and pictures to match).

The lamb chops, nilgiri chicken, and dhal mhakani were all called out, while the Bhutani lamb was popular among the OCC.

Going further, one member went as far as saying it was the “best keema naan ever”.

*The final scores and conclusion*

One member summed it up. “Shit customer service, but real good food.”

And that’s the overriding memory from Est. India.

If you’re in Zone 1 and looking for a good curry, it’s worth a go. But just don’t expect a smile (or the right drinks) from the staff.

A shame, but let’s hope the influence of the OCC can see them turn around their customer care and reach the heights it could do given the quality of the food.


3.43 Customer Care

5.66 Service

6.48 Value

7.46 Quality

6.52 Atmosphere

5.91 Overall


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