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Papa Gomes

Customer Care 6.7

Service 6.2

Value 6.94

Quality 8.15

Atmosphere 6.09

Overall average: 6.82

Papa Gomes; from the moment we walked into the joint...we all knew this was a venue of distinction. An oasis of curry passion and love in the heart of the Hong Kong mid levels. For the uninitiated, this area of town is not know well known for its passion and love. More for its cold-hearted capitalist skull duggery. So it was with full righteous intent that the humble, fair minded and just OCC brethren sacrificed their precious Friday evening to understand and explore what this hidden gem has to offer.

There it was. Humble. Honest. Passionate. A family run business in the true tradition of all that is good in the spirit of curry feeding. When one enters Papa Gomes, immediately this sense of tradition is overwhelming. Curry love is passed from one generation to another. In these stark times this sense of tradition matters a lot.

It is not lost on the gentlemen of the OCC. In truth we need to be open and honest. This is really a take away.  A lack of bar licence and cramped seating didn’t do their scores on these matters any favours. We went as a group of 11 and filled the limited space, so this venue is best enjoyed as a smaller group. But, with a whopping 8.2 on quality there is no denying that flavour shines through.

A better Lamb rogan josh and biryani we have yet to find in Hong Kong. While you’re at it, if you treat yourself to the lamb chops, you won’t be disappointed.

Watching “Papa Gomes” work his magic in the limited surrounds available is a sight to behold. Like the Backstreet boys once said - I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you long the curry is awesome! This curry was all that. While on this occasion Papa Gomes did not achieve OCC approval, the night will live long in our memories.

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