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Patience is a virtue

It was the evening of 8th Nov in the mist of the London rain. Oakham Curry Club (OCC) was on the way to the flavours of India - 16 men strong, which can be found a stones throw away from Paddington Station, and we were greeted by the Maharaja Of Paddington.

After checking the reservation was under the correct name: OCC, we were lead upstairs to the first floor with a nice view to the front door.

However, upstairs the restaurant doesn’t take into consideration guests over 6,1” and several members did have difficulties in standing upright. Especially the lanky NPT, whose head met the ceiling.

However, with all of this in its surroundings the atmosphere got a score of 6.23 out of 10. Main reasons for not scoring higher was the low ceiling and that tables not could be moved together even though we asked for this upon booking (and re-confirmation of the booking).

The meet commenced however the waiter was nowhere to be seen after we had ordered our drinks. After waiting 30 minutes we ordered all the food in one go and we had to be patient as we where waiting more than 45 min for starters and after this 60 – 75 min for our main, and we started eating our mains around 9.30 after arriving at 7.30 PM.  This is also the main reason the OCC scored Service rating and customer care 4.13 and 5.13 out of 10 in both categories.

While waiting, we requested the standard 2 poppadum’s each with ALL the sauces, however this was a disappointment as only got spicy poppadum’s Lime pickle and Mango chutney came out. We asked the staff if there was any more sauces, though they declined. However, when starters and mains came out the mint sauce finally arrived

The food was scored an avg rating of 6.80 out of 10 with most of the 16 members scoring the food 7 and above with a few outliers scoring under 5. Quality is good if you can wait on a busy night.

Regarding the value of the meal, here it gets just above average scoring 6 out of 10 and all members paid 42 GBP each which we must say is fair for starters, main with sides and 3-4 drinks in London.

Despite the above mentioned items Flavors of India is a nice establishment and we understand the challenge by hosting 16 members of the OCC which can create back orders in the kitchen on a busy Friday night, but we have seen many other establishments coping with this previously, and it’s sad to say the Flavors of India won’t will be receiving Curry House of the year 2019 or receiving the OCC stamp of approval ( for who please see ) by receiving a collective score of 5.66 out of 10.

Best Regards,

Oakham Curry Club


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