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As the soothing feeling of warmer climates starts to settle into Shanghai, the OCC continues its quest in search of all curry houses of Shanghai for worthy recommendations to the 2021 CHOTY. On March’s agenda was the little-known curry enclave coincidently called “Promise,” located in the bustling district of Xujiahui. A restaurant name creating expectations but also gearing up for untapped potential.

The first item which strikes from the “venue” is the definition of the terminology itself. Far from decoration standard of Indian curry houses with South Asian decoration thematics and Indian music played to Bollywood videos on loop in the background, Promise adapts more towards the modern restaurant business by focusing mainly on take away business and being “asset light.” Located on the 3rd floor of a building and sandwiched between a hotpot venue, an electronic cigarette merchant, and the restrooms for that floor, are located two tables in a corridor serving as the restaurant’s dining in venue. The OCC members, although an adventurous bunch, were perhaps not convinced by this new age of restauranteurship, hence reflecting in with a score of 5.4 for atmosphere, as well as 6.5 in both in customer care and service.

Foodwise, however, it was another story and rather promising (pun intended). Whilst the readership Shanghai’s curry enthusiasts will have noticed the recent wave of new-age Indian cuisines opening in Shanghai of late, bringing a fresh impulse of new ideas to the sector, Promise has done exactly the opposite and delivered classic curry favorites. Items ordered over the course of the evening and highly recommended were Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, and tandoori broccoli. A special distinction as well to the standout mutton biryani and all the naans locally baked on-premise. The OCC members reflected this by rating 7 for the quality of the dishes and a 7 for their value.

Despite not reaching the coveted score of 7.0 to be OCC recommended, Promise remains a solid option for those in the Xujiahui area looking for a quick take-out meal to satisfy a curry craving.


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