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Pun-jab to the stomach?

On the 11th March 2022 the OCC ventured into the heart of the theatre district on a busy Friday night in search of curry excellence. The chosen venue was Punjab Resturant, this has been a Covent Garden staple since 1951 and boasts being the oldest north Indian restaurant in the UK.


When entering the restaurant, it was clear to see this was either an extremely popular place or central London location trap, with every table filled with patrons. A refreshing sight post Covid versus some of the less busy establishments we have visited - it was clear atmosphere would rank high. It was oozing with old school traditional curry house vibes.


Shortly after being seated, our orders were taken and this theme ran throughout. Starters promptly followed and before we had a chance to digest and reflect - the mains were quickly placed in front of us. One member referred to it as a F1-style pit stop. While we commend good service, rushed service when dining with friends can certainly be a negative, which certainly was reflected in customer care.


The food itself didn’t leave the OCC craving more with the majority referring to it as average, acceptable but lacked anything standout. The traditional curries received the best feedback, but the specials received comments like ‘nothing outstanding’, ‘bland’ and ‘just ok’. A particular low point was under cooked naan breads, which could be reflected in the rapid service.


One highlight was that Brentford manager, Thomas Frank and striker, Ivan Toney were spotted on the table across the room, which amused the OCC.


Overall if you're after a slightly above average traditional curry, while spotting slightly above average football personalities - this is for you. If you are seeking curry excellence, then walk on by.


Customer Care: 6.33

Service: 7.92

Value: 6.62

Quality: 7.08

Atmosphere: 7.93

Total: 7.18


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