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Saved by the Bell (Pepper)

The Oakham Curry Club (OCC) is one of the world’s most respected reviewers of Indian cuisine. With multiple international franchises, we relentlessly scour the globe in pursuit of the crispiest papadums, the tastiest sauces and spiciest curries. On June 17th, 2022 the OCC Nova Scotia reviewed Red Chillies as part of our hunt for the CHOTY (Curry House Of The Year) and in search of the fourth OCC approved curry house in Canada.

Members vote anonymously on 5 categories - and an average score is given to each restaurant we review. For Red Chillies: Quality - 7.6/10 Service - 8.0/ 10 Value - 7.9/10 Customer Care – 7.6/10 Atmosphere – 7.0/10

With an average score of 7.6 Red Chilies makes the grade as OCC approved!


After a quick change of venue due to a lack of Kingfisher, Red Chillies welcomed us with open arms. the atmosphere was what you would expect from an OCC approved Curry house. promptly greeted and seated, even the owner took time to chat with us before we feasted upon the mostly authentic dishes at hand.


Excited to fill our bellies and warm our souls, the wait staff recommended many dishes including a bit of a host specialty. Starting with a Soya ChaapTikka, Kerala Paratha (and of course crispy poppadoms), a creamy at delectable specialty served by Red Chillies and a common Indian Street food fantastically done. It was followed by beautifully cooked naan with a peshwari flavour, which was a real game changer. This was followed by paneer tikka, lamb vindaloo, shrimp biryani and a beautifully spicy butter chicken.


The favorites among the group must be stated as the shrimp biryani and butter chicken offered something that the group had not experienced at other Curry houses in Nova Scotia.


While sometimes left to our own devices, the Kingfisher was readily available throughout the evening to compliment the beautiful space of these mostly authentic Indian dishes. Red Chillies became the 2nd Curry house to be reviewed to not run out of Kingfisher throughout the evening!


The value in overall customer care is what you one would expect from an OCC approved Curry house, consistent atmosphere and quality that will not leave you disappointed. We have faith that moving forward Red Chillies will put up a fight for CHOTY (Curry House of the Year) and takes the top spot in the Bedford area for the time being.


In summary, we are pleased to make Red Chilliesthe 4th OCC approved Curry house in Nova Scotia and in Canada. Expectations were met and we would certainly recommend Red Chillies to anyone in and around Bedford looking for and authentic Indian Curry experience


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